Yuma Area Benefits Consortium

YABC Plan Document

Last updated: August 31, 2018

What the Document Tells You

The Plan Document/Summary Plan Description (SPD) (pdf) describes the medical and dental benefits for participants of the Yuma Area Benefit Consortium. The plan described in the document is effective as of July 1, 2018. At the bottom of the page there are all amendments to the above Plan Document/Summary Plan Description (SPD) (pdf).

The document will help you understand and use the benefits provided by YABC. You should review it and share it with those members of your family who are or will be covered by the Plan. It will give you an understanding of the coverage’s provided, the procedures to follow in submitting claims, and your responsibilities to provide necessary information to the Plan.

Be sure to read the Schedule of Medical Benefits, the Schedule of Dental Benefits, the Medical and Dental Exclusions chapters and the Definitions chapter of the document, as they set forth the coverage’s and limitations of this Plan. Remember, not every expense you incur for health care is covered by the Plan.

ALL provisions of the document contain important information. If you have any questions about your coverage or your obligations under the terms of the Plan, be sure to seek help or information.

This Plan is not governed by the Employment Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).

View the YABC Plan Document/Summary Plan Description (pdf)

Impotant Notice

You or your Dependents must promptly furnish to the Plan Administrator information regarding change of name, address, marriage, divorce or legal separation, death of any covered family member, change in status of a Dependent Child, Medicare enrollment or disenrollment or the existence of other coverage.

Failure to do so may cause you or your Dependents to lose certain rights under the Plan or result in your liability to the Plan if any benefits are paid to an ineligible person.

Amendments to the Plan Document & Summary Plan Description