Yuma Area Benefits Consortium


Last updated: February 4, 2013

Prescription MedicationYour insurance card also provides you with access to the prescription drug benefit. Most pharmacies within the service area are participating. You may also purchase some prescription drugs and supplies through the mail-order services at a significant discount.

For Retail

1 (800) 880-1188 (retail)
www.catamaranrx.com or www.mycatamaranrx.com

For Mail Order Prescriptions (90-day supply)

Catamaran Home Delivery
PO Box 407096
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33340-7096

1 (800) 881-1966

For Medfusion/Ascend Specialty Drug Service

1 (800) 850-9122

Monthly prescriptions can be costly to maintain. Mail order services are a smart way for members needing maintenance medications to keep costs down. The same processes and regulations followed to fill prescriptions at a retail pharmacy go into filling prescriptions through a mail order facility; prescriptions are filled by a registered pharmacist and all medications are regulated by the FDA to ensure your safety.

Prescription refills for mail service

The refill order page is on www.catamaranrx.com or www.mycatamaranrx.com